Monday, 8 November 2010

Add some Chile to your drama

What sounds better than five weddings and a funeral? Why five weddings and a porno of course. Well that's the latest to come out of the chilean mine disaster story, with one of the miners recently going on to compete in the new york marathon.

I thought I'd share a link to the story which provides a follow on to their lives which reads like a days of our lives real life soap opera. It includes endless family dramas, five proposals and weddings, red carpet trips, endorsements and planned film depictions – including a porno.

It's funny, if this had happened in the UK, the update would be slightly less entertaining. The headline would read more along the lines of 'freed british miners break record for most amount of fish and chips eaten in one sitting' or one of them might become the face of a tea company because they spent so much time down there drinking it

So perhaps its time we added a bit of Chile to our lives to spice it up? It wld certainly make life more interesting... 


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