Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Don't pee in the pool

Work crushes, office flings, romance via post it notes. Could it be any more romantic? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever swooned at the water cooler at my dream man as he effeciently tidies his intray. When the thought of casual dress day makes your heart beat faster just at the prospect of seeing them in jeans. The taboo dress code for the office city worker Forget drunken pash and dashes in bars and pubs over london. The office is the place where most hearts are joined and broken these days. But it seems the recession has made a bit of a dent in the sucess of the office unions of late. This is despite currently having three friends at the moment in the throes of office related passion or desire.

Its such a phenomenon that there's sites dedciated to guides on how to survive with an office romance or how to make that dream co-worker, you're co-coitus maximus partner and just recently in london down its now been taken to the stage..

I'm in the throes of office desire as I write, well two desires actually. After a rather awkward slightly animalistic sex dream about a co-worker who I previously had not held any fanciful fantasies about I am now betwitched. I have resolved to strap myself to the desk, and not in a kinky way I'm afraid. That was for the boardroom a couple of years ago during another office fling which sadly went awry. No I'm determined not to let myself 'pee in the pool' as they say. Since the dream every nod, glance, laugh and sultry lift of the eyebrows has been beamed over to me as evidence of my crush being mutually held.

As if one crush is not enough, I also hold a tiny flame for a fellow office friend who is much akin to the office labrador. Friendly, jokey, always sending funny emails and up for random nights out drinking. But to make this story a real story, I've been his counsel as he tries to lure the girl of his dreams (of course she works with me as well) into his arms. It reads like a proverbial mills and boons I know but what is it about the office that makes it the breeding ground for crushes? It is the token familiarity and bond that people share with their coworkers, or is it our minds way of making the tedium of daily work endurable and providing a welcome distraction?

I really don't know but what I can say is that without a doubt I've had multiple work crushes at one point or another at every place I've worked. Most unrequited, some returned (case of the boardroom referenced above) and most generally die away.

I can site a million and one cases of office amor which has gone awry but it doesn't stop us trying does it? But at least I can be thankful I haven't done this!

So while I sit in my lunch hour with my unrequited, dishing out advice on how to win his ultimate water cooler crush, I'll also be thinking of that boardroom and what fun could be had....

there's always next week

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